Find Your South Florida Paradise
Sally Maple

Getting Started with Your Home Search

As fun as it is to look at listings and think about your future home, there are a few steps that will make your dream come true easier.

Determine whether you should rent or buy! LINK

Do you have 5-10% to put down on a home? Remember, if your dream house is 250K, that means up to 25,000 in cash!

Use the MORTGAGE CALCULATOR to determine how much you can afford per month. Don’t forget to account for local utilities!

Is your dream neighborhood or building going to suit your needs? Only agents can see whether a property is age-restricted (55+) or pet-friendly (many condos aren’t).

The most important step is to relax. Having the right agent means doing much less work. I am trained in all the footwork (and paperwork) that you need done — I was my broker’s assistant before I was a realtor, there are few situations I haven’t seen before! If you choose me, I will be available 24/7, and will never sacrifice your needs for a profit (like pushing you toward a property you can’t afford)!